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Embark on an extraordinary building adventure! Badass LEGO® Guns is your ticket to constructing some of the coolest, hardest hitting LEGO® models out there. With this book, you'll turn ordinary LEGO® bricks into impressive arms, each with its own unique firing capabilities.

Step-by-step instructions make each project a breeze, while the end results promise hours of entertainment. From the sleek and swift "Parabella" to the fully automatic "Warbeast", challenge your building skills and ignite your imagination.

Ready to step up your LEGO® game? Get your copy of and transform the way you think about LEGO®!

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See the Guns in Action

Badass LEGO® Guns Trailer


Quotes from Reviews

“It’s rare that a book’s title so elegantly sums up its virtues, but with Badass LEGO Guns, well, that’s what you get.”

—Make: Magazine, Vol. 26

“If you’re the kind of person who would buy a book like Badass LEGO Guns, you don’t need a review. Mr. Hüdepohl sold you a copy as soon as you read the title. BADASS. LEGO. GUNS.”

—Forbes Read More

“Guns made out of LEGOs don’t get any more badass than this.”

—The Escapist

“Every model is rubber band driven, but with so much perfection and ingenuity that every gun is fully operational … Heavily illustrated with pictures of every step, the reader gets a brilliant construction manual. For LEGO Fans who emphasize precision and are not afraid of weapons.”

—Deutsches Waffen Journal

“If you’re looking to make Lego brick-launchers, Hüdepohl’s book will show you how.”

—GeekDad Blog, Read More

“Fun, scary, ingenious, or all in one? I’m not sure, but how do you resist a title like Badass LEGO Guns? I know I certainly was unable to.”


“I’d give this book an A+ for setting forth the proper groundwork for new-LEGOers.”


“Badass LEGO Guns looks like a fun book.”

—Boing Boing

“Martin Hüdepohl’s book perfectly blends the nostalgia of spending an afternoon working through one of those wordless LEGO schematics with the specifically adult thrill of building something that can *really hurt* whoever is standing at the wrong end of its barrel.”

—David Erik Nelson, Snip, Burn, Solder Blog Read More

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